How Does The Act Test Subject-Verb Agreement And Parallelism

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As Willa Brown does not know Amelia Earhart`s name, her contributions to the history of women in aviation should not be underestimated. B. does not work because “interested” is not a correct preposition expression. Even “conscious” may be technically correct, it is not used as often as “conscious” 5. Matt doesn`t get enough sleep, so he has trouble concentrating and staying alert. In the following sentence, we have a parallel error: you probably use idioms every day, even if you don`t notice it. For example, you may be “sick as a dog” during flu season. In this section, your knowledge of general expressions is tested. The child is at the door: The title shows the need for a verb subject agreement.

The subject of the third person, “The Child,” requires that the verb also be a third person as a singular form, “standing.” Explanation: The simple past form of “made” and the context that Angelina and Sarah were part of the abolitionist circles suggest that this sentence refers to past events. Therefore, “is” – the current simple form of “being” – is inconsistent in this situation. The C. answer option is the correct form of verb that has subject-verb chord. Here`s the right sentence: if you come across a question that seems to test the match between the subject verb, immediately identify the subject and adjust it with the verb. The ACT will certainly confuse you with phrases like the one above, which put information between the subject and the verb. As “projects” is the word closest to “goods,” there seems to be a verb-subject agreement, even if the “projects” are not the subject of the sentence; The object of the sentence is “philosophy.” There are two points in the sentence: the two things that SECTION ACT English does. The two elements are linked by the conjunction “and.” (Curious as to why other decisions are wrong? Click here to see this video of the agreement between the subject and the verb.) Explanation: As “they” do not correspond to the individual “dog,” we need a subject pronoun that corresponds to the precursor. The choice of response C. is the best option in this case. The passage should be like: the sentence lists three things that LeBron James does with basketball.

The first two things are verbs. The last, “block,” is in the torso shape. A moaner is a verb that acts as a no-name and ends with “ing.” The three things should be in the same grammatical form.