Tv Commissioning Agreement

كتب - آخر تحديث - 19 ديسمبر 2020

Once the program is approved, please complete a registration form that will form the basis of the commissioning agreement, which will then be negotiated with a member of our legal and business affairs team. We will then give the green light to the program by e-mail. Channel 4`s exclusive right in format in the territory (including, but not limited to, withholding, the use of audiovisual products from the exploitation of the rights to the modified format, notably as indicated in point 25 of the terms of sale, but always to the exclusion of the consumer from product rights) and the formatting rights necessary to enable Channel 4 to exercise its rights under this agreement, including, but not limited to the re-commissioning of other programs covered in point 25 of the terms and conditions of sale. Throughout the production, you work closely with the Commissioning Editor or commissioning executive, which will be your main point of contact for UKTV. Our marketing and press departments will start working on campaigns for the show and we will have a weekly commissioning routine with the channel teams and all project participants to inform about the project`s progress. Once you`re in the process of editing, the announcements from the commissioning editor/manager and the compliance manager begin, and once the show is cancelled, our production manager coordinates the delivery ready for the transfer. Our decision-making process includes a two-tics system between the commissioning department and the channel`s drafting. We believe this will allow for creative debate and ensure that we rigorously order the most exciting ideas. Once we have agreed to continue the program, our production department will work with you to finalize the budget and schedule, and a member of our Business Affairs team will grant you the rights position. The programme will then be included in our version of a programme funding committee, supported by the channel`s director general and the commission`s director. When the program is broadcast, we`ll keep you informed overnight with down data, consolidated figures and evaluation reports from press campaigns, as well as other information that may be useful to you. Our relationship certainly does not end with the delivery of the show; After all we hope, we can go for conversations around series two pretty quickly! The linear program service, currently known as “E4.” (a) suspends payment to its creditors or, as a general rule, is unable to repay its debts when they mature or are subject to an administrative injunction; or all Channel 4 policies that were published at the time of this agreement and are included in the Channel 4 Producers Handbook, including, but not only, the trade chain guidelines, guidelines on over-the-air programmes, directives on clandestine films, hostile film directives, de facto programme directives, Works and films under the provisions of the 180s, competition directives, fair trade directives, data protection directives and producer safety directives, general indications of the production team and all other guidelines issued from time to time by Channel 4`s legal and compliance department , and all other instructions that are communicated to the manufacturer before the first day of the main photograph, provided that these guidelines can only apply to the manufacturer`s work prior to such disclosure.

in which the manufacturer can apply this practice retroactively.