Anytime Fitness Franchise Agreement

كتب - آخر تحديث - 8 أبريل 2021

A number of Anytime fitness franchisees own franchises in other markets, including hospitality, and have been attracted to Anytime Fitness for its profit potential. Instead of a pizza franchise, for example, that requires hundreds of new and existing customers a day, fitness customers are loyal for at least 12 months, which means that Anytime gyms can quickly become self-sufficient. With one in seven people in the UK being part of a gym, the health and fitness sector continues to thrive and has proven to be robust, even in times of recession. With more than 4,500 clubs worldwide, franchisees can benefit from the support of a world-renowned brand with a 97% success rate in the UK market. To request more information about owning an Anytime Fitness franchise, fill out the application form on this page. A member of the company`s franchise team will then contact you to discuss options and answer any questions. Franchisees now have a choice between five- or ten-year contracts. Franchises also benefit from recurring monthly deductions, fixed deductible fees and significant ongoing support from the central team, including a dedicated franchise coach. Anytime Fitness currently has more than 140 fitness clubs in the UK. Anytime Fitness encourages owners to be regularly present at their clubs, get in touch with members and lead a small team of specialized collaborators.

The model allows people of all backgrounds to own a club, regardless of the experience of the fitness industry. All franchise clubs are individually owned and feature the most modern amenities and private bathrooms that offer a fitness club feel at an affordable price. This is regularly filled with content to help franchisees and highlights dates/times for educational webinars on topics such as membership, digital marketing and social media. An example is the company`s partnership with leading real estate advisor CBRE to help franchisees find real estate and achieve competitive business conditions. Stuart Broster, UK CEO of Anytime Fitness, commented: “The introduction of 10-year franchise contracts increases the appeal of opening an Anytime fitness club. We appreciate opening a franchise with a significant personal investment and longer-term agreements offer franchisees an additional guarantee that they have time to create their club and turn it into a success. Territory Granted: Once the location for the Anytime Fitness Centre has been approved, the franchisor will provide protected territory to franchisees.