Does Peru Have Free Trade Agreement

كتب - آخر تحديث - 9 أبريل 2021

The European Union is a crucial market that Peru must have access to. A free trade agreement was signed in 2013, allowing Peru direct access to more than 490 million consumers, as the EU itself grants free trade between member states. The EU is a fantastic market for Peruvian products, requiring the production of asparagus, avocados, coffee, fruit and other agricultural products. Industrial products originating in Peru, including fish and other seafood, will have duty-free access to EFTA state markets as soon as the agreement comes into force (Chapter 2). For products originating from EFTA states imported into Peru, most tariffs are phased out over transitional periods of up to nine years (Annex IV and VIII). The agreement contains provisions on subsidies and anti-dumping measures affecting trade relations between the parties, as well as disciplines on comprehensive and bilateral safeguards. Consult the Canadian tariff specialist to review customs information for the Peruvian market under the Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement (CPFTA) and other foreign markets with which Canada has a free trade agreement. Bilateral agreements on agricultural products between three EFTA states and Peru have been concluded in parallel and are part of the instruments for setting up the free trade area between the two sides. We will now give an overview of the current trade agreements and organizations in which Peru is participating today. The most recent is the Australia-Peru Free Trade Agreement, which has opened up even more opportunities for the country. The latest information on this new agreement can be found in the Biz Latin Hub. We will look at the largest trade agreement, the WTO (World Trade Organization), and then look at the small unilateral trade agreements that Peru has. It is the largest trade organization in the world.

Peru has been a member of the WTO since its inception in 1995. The rules governing trade between almost all countries of the world are discussed within this institution. Peru is located in the 164 largest trading nations in the world.