Slack Master Subscription Agreement

كتب - آخر تحديث - 12 أبريل 2021

6.8 Reseller Purchases. If you purchased the Services through a reseller, all payment terms (including prices, billing, billing, billing, payment methods and late fees) are defined directly in your agreement with that reseller and these payment-related terms are replaced by all the contrary conditions set out in this section 6. We may suspend or terminate your access to the Services if the reseller does not pay us the due fee or condemn us to the undisputed violation of this Agreement. Notwithstanding the opposite, the agreement between you and a dealer is as follows: (i) none of the conditions described here and (ii) do not bind us. Back to Top “API Services and License Agreement” refers to the agreement that governs our availability of BetterCloud API services and which is All credits that can be generated on the customer`s account (for example. B of a share or application of the Fair Billing Policy) expire after the end or end of the current contract, have no currency or foreign exchange value and are neither transferable nor refundable. Credits entering a work area in a free subscription plan will expire if the workspace plan is not updated within ninety (90) days after the deadline expires, unless otherwise stated. More information about credits can be found in the help centre.

The customer gives us the right to use the company name and customer logo as a reference for marketing or advertising purposes on our website and in other public or private communications with our existing or potential customers, subject to the standard customer branding policies provided to us from time to time. We don`t want to list customers who don`t want to be listed, so the customer can send us an email to in which he declares that he does not want to be used as a reference. Each party assures and guarantees the other party that it is duly organized and valid in accordance with the laws of the founding state and that it has the full power to undertake and that it has the duest authority to conclude the agreement and to implement the provisions of this Agreement; (b) the person who executes the agreement on behalf of that party is entitled to do so; (c) the enforcement, provision and enforcement of the agreement is not contrary to a verbal or written agreement, to an instrument or understanding to which it is involved or to which it may be linked, or to the law or regulation of a court, government authority or administrative authority or other competent authority; and (d) all applicable applicable federal, regional and municipal laws, rules and rules of law will be respected in accordance with their obligations under this framework, including, but not limited to, the data protection laws adopted and in force under these applicable data protection statutes and rules, as well as all applicable data protection and data protection standards and generally recognised industrial standards.