To Expedite Ratification Of This Agreement

كتب - آخر تحديث - 13 أبريل 2021

At the opening of the 13th Virtual African Summit of Foreign Ministers and Heads of Government, President Edgar Lungu announced that Zambia had approved the ratification of the trade agreement and was currently waiting for Parliament until 2 a.m. In order to speed up the ratification of the agreement, we will respond to you by voting in favour of it/ Mr Kalobi is convinced that the trade agreement, once in force, will broaden Zambia`s trade base and thus promote the diversity of Zambia`s exports. Kingford Kalobi, economic and financial adviser, called on Parliament to speed up the ratification of the African Free Trade Agreement. 47. In order to speed up the adoption of this agreement, we ask you to vote `yes`. 47. Please vote “yes” so that we can adopt this agreement. In an interview with phoenix business, Kalobi stressed that accelerating the ratification process is essential for Zambia, as trade agreements offer Zambia many trade opportunities. 48. In talking to the manager, I learned that you want to terminate our contract. . 5.

The researchers spoke with individual students on campus, but subsequent group interviews were unsuccessful. 49. Did you notice the braking problem after the date of the recall? 4. The bankers were questioned after the theft, but no solid evidence was provided. 48. Your superior told me that you intended to terminate the contract. 46. The salary we offer is the remuneration of other managers. .

Although I do not want to do the work for you, I will explain what the task is: to replace words that we would not normally use in daily speech with words that we would use. For example, replace salary with salary. . Review the sentences below to use the simple language and familiar words. . . . 49. Did the braking problem arise as a result of our recall? . 1. The writer tried to hide the problem with foreign and superfluous data. .

50. According to your invitation, we will interview our agent. 3. Although remuneration appears to be low, it corresponds to other sets of wages. 50. As you have requested, we will interview our agent. ..