When To Use Agreeance Vs Agreement

كتب - آخر تحديث - 16 أبريل 2021

Agreeance is a word that seems constantly reinvented and recycled. The term first appeared in the 16th century and enjoyed its greatest popularity in the 18th and early 19th century. Since then, it has not been used. Undoubtedly without knowing the history of the word, modern writers, who rename the term, seem to like sound, although it adds nothing to its working horse counterpart, the chord. The suffix “ance” is indeed used in English to form many verb names: z.B. Appearance, acceptance, performance and transfer. While there is no rule that votes for training, the footprint may seem original or pretentious to some people. 1714 Milbourne Traitor Reward 19 – In accordance with the laws of God. 1559 at Strype`s Ann. I. i. App.

xvi, “The diversity of our fasting is all the greater because our faith is good. Finally, and by far the most important aspect, this Fred Durst Shower-Bag made headlines a few years ago for its use of the “agreement”. All the underworld is losing out with all kinds of publications and people who make fun of his use of the term in a very snooty and condescending dickish way. Of course, it is very likely that he was not aware of his historicity and that he wanted to use an “arrangement”, and it was just a slip-up. When it turned out that it was in the dictionary and he was using this dictionary definition, the crap kept stacking. “Agreement” is a word. “Hmjkleytry” is also a word. I just did it and it means “a word bfootdav just said.” You can use one of these twice as you like, and no one can legally tell you that you can`t do it. There are no rules to follow. It`s your language, too. No government agency can dictate what is considered a word, what words can be used and what they should mean. But even if there were such authority, there would still be nothing that makes what they say true, and logic/reason would not compel you to follow their statements.

No one has English. We almost ended up with “okay,” and then some damn Redneck had to mix “agreement” and “acceptance” and we`re back where we started. `facepalm` agreeance (n.) 1530s, from the centre of France agree, action name to agree (see cons).